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The Bombay Royale – You Me Bullets Love

Awesome record, awesome video from The Bombay Royale for the title track from their new record on Hope Street Recordings.
Titled ‘You Me Bullets Love’. You can grab a free download of the title track from their web-site.

The Bombay Royale are dedicated to bringing music and mayhem of vintage Indian cinema back to the future, where it belongs. Their debut album You Me Bullets Love is a blend of haunting Hindi and Bengali vocals, pulsing deep funk and disco breaks and shimmering surf-a-delica. Expect huge horn riffs, wild spaghetti guitar, bustling tabla, screaming organs and all the synthesizers, sitars and strings that made the music of 1960s and 1970s Bollywood so electrifying. Starring vocalists Parvyn Kaur Singh as “The Mysterious Lady” and Shourov Bhattacharya as “The Tiger,” You Me Bullets Love is the soundtrack to a story of espionage, excitement, extended dance sequences and the eternal power of true love.

The golden age of Bollywood was a riot of saturated color and dramatic excess and the music that accompanied it was unmatched in bizarre experimentation, deep sophistication and outright funky badness: a treasure trove for sample hungry hiphop heads and secretive, vinyl-obsessed funk collectors. Musical director Andy Williamson (“The Skipper”) formed The Bombay Royale to bring the hidden musical gems of that lost era out into the light. The originators, people like R.D Burman, Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi are still household names in India, but largely unknown in the outside world. The Bombay Royale is here to rectify that situation.

You Me Bullets Love is for the neophytes and enthusiasts alike, a combination of vibrant original material and vintage Hindi superhits. Available on Gatefold LP, CD and digital worldwide, You Me Bullets Love sounds like no other record you will buy this year.


The Funkees – Dancing Time: The Best of Eastern Nigeria’s Afro Rock Exponents 1973

Wow! I’ve been waiting for a full length release from The Funkees and it has finally arrived via the always tasteful Soundway Records. Don’t sleep on this. Some of the heaviest funk every recorded on planet Earth!

‘Dancing Time: The Best of Eastern Nigeria’s Afro Rock Exponents 1973′ by The Funkees is the latest title on Soundway to mine the rich musical output of 60s and 70s Nigeria. For the five-year period this compilation spans The Funkees output crackled with dance floor fire.

Having featured on three of Soundway’s most popular titles, across the definitive Nigeria Special compilation series, we felt The Funkees output deserved closer inspection. Presented here (on CD, download & double gatefold LP) are 18 slices of funky Afro-rock grooves hand picked by Soundway’s Miles Cleret from a selection of the bands 45s and two long players.

In the early 1970s The Funkees were the number-one east Nigerian band and the only outfit to seriously challenge the popular Lagos based rock combos MonoMono and BLO. Stoking the dancefloor was the young band’s first priority and The Funkees were often playing through the night, seven days a week.

Formed at the tail end of the Nigerian civil war by Harry Mosco Agada (then a guitarist in Celestine Ukwu’s Music Royals) the band played for the army’s 12th Brigade in Aba and went through a rapid series of membership changes in search of the perfect line-up of players.

It wasn’t long before promoters in the UK came calling and The Funkees packed up their instruments and moved to London where they quickly established a fierce reputation on the live circuit.

Here they recorded two seminal albums before finally breaking up in 1977 amidst some controversy. This collection features for the first time all of their Nigerian 45s alongside the best of their UK album material and is accompanied by a full interview with original member Sonny Akpan, who still lives in the capital.

Jazzanova – Funkhaus Studio Session

Jazzanova producers, Stefan Leisering & Axel Reinemer, went into the studio with their 7 piece live band with Paul Randolph on vocals to record a 14 track set. More info on the record (which drops May 15th) and tour dates after the jump. Continue reading →

Chicha Libre – New album ‘Canibalismo’

Chicha Libre have an irresistible sound, taking as their starting point the sounds of psychedelic Peruvian Chicha, itself a hybrid of Surf Rock, Latin Rhythms and Andean flavor. Their new record’s title hints at the bands feeling to be able to chew up any style they come across. Chicha Libre instigator Olivier Conan says “We’re part of a worldwide movement of people who have that kind of freedom. We don’t just play chicha. We can do whatever we want and absorb anything we like. We’re cannibals.” Mmmm hungry yet? “The tropicalist movement and its idea of cannibalism is not some gentle global all-inclusive way of making new music,” Conan states, using de Andrade’s metaphor to describe Chicha Libre’s own experience. “It’s more about blurring the line between exploitation, acculturation, and genuine discovery. There are, after all, sinister aspects to cannibalism.”
Look for ‘Canibalismo’ to come out May 8th on Crammed & Barbes Records.

Jef Stott – New album + Free Download

If you want to experience some of Burning Man without leaving your computer check out today’s free download and listen to it while imagining that you’re walking through a sandstorm on a 100 degree day, that will get you pretty close and will save you $400. Seriously though, Stott has hit a sweet spot for the elusive fusion of Bass and Global sounds, especially the Middle Eastern variety. To say he is an accomplished producer and amazing oud player doesn’t cut it, dude has serious chops in the studio and with the instruments. Enjoy and now go get some sun!

Sunmox – Power Salad


‘Power Salad’ is the debut album from Melbourne based duo Sunmonx out now on Interchill
. Combining Opiuo’s renowned production style with Austero’s tasty guitar grooves, this refreshing sonic fusion weaves together threads from the worlds of blues, dub, funk and beyond. Lovers of bass music, glitch and all things electronica will find plenty to satisfy their cravings within the solid basslines, crisp production and the precision attention to the finest micro-details.

Sunmonx have kept themselves busy in the acoustic kitchen over the last 3 years, carefully combining their nutritious homegrown musical ingredients and perfecting their gourmet dub-infused recipes. Power Salad contains nothing but the freshest fruits of this labour, cultivated as the pair step beyond their self-released Rigiti EP, a 4-track teaser that caught the attention of Interchill Records and many other downbeat lovers around the world. Picking up where they left off, Sunmonx hit the studio with innovation in mind and set out to explore new dimensions of the electronica spectrum. They came up with an energizing album where progressive beats mingle with a prevailing thread of guitar, uniting this diverse palette of sounds and styles into a cohesive and delectable whole. Power Salad hits right on target and stays true to its title, serving up an organic blend of revitalizing tracks to set you on your way. Who’s hungry?

Congo Sanchez – Vol. 1

Congo Sanchez – Demnocrazy (Free Download)

The debut record from Washington D.C. based drummer and multi-instrumentalist Congo Sanchez, Vol. 1 is out now and features heavy Afro-beat, lounge and electronica blended into a perfect mix. Perfect for warming up the club, sharing a spliff and cocktail or setting the mood for a romp in the casa. As expected the drumming and rhythms are funky and superb, restrained in the composition makes them even more effective. Looking forward to hearing more from Congo soon!

Bondi Blaster – ‘Lo’ Juimo’

Bondi Blaster is the newest project from DJ Juan Data. For those that don’t know Juan, his Hard Data blog has been a provocative source of finding out music that is “Latin but Cool” for many years. And just so you know, Juan Data is his real fucking name, most people can’t even make up shit that cool. But Juan is not most people, his take on nu-cumbia is not through the lens of some trendoid hipster who was listening to it for five minutes and making a mashup record before moving on to kuduro and moombahcore next month. His new album ‘Lo’ Juimo’ on Stronghold Sound is clever and insightful and irreverent, which is probably why it will be over most people’s heads for another few years. Check out the whole ep, one thing that will not be over anyone’s heads is the rhythm , you can fake what you can feel, and these tracks move. Check out the ‘Alta Farra” video below and grabe the full record to truly get the spectrum of nu and classic cumbia, chicha and club sounds that is Bondi’s specialty! more info on the project after the break!

“Alta Farra” – Bondi Blaster Feat. Gabriel Navia from Bondi Blaster on Vimeo.

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All Good Funk Alliance – new EP + Free Download


Free Download – All Good Funk Alliance – “Sound Plus Matter”

At Loose Ethics we don’t believe in genres, even when bands have genre’s in their band name we don’t pigeon hole them. We’ve been listening to and dj’ng All Good Funk Alliance records for nearly ten years and while their primary genre is funk related, their modus operandi is rocking dance floors. Whether it’s with nu-funk breaks, synthed out disco jams or percussion heavy beats their records always get the job done. Today they released their brand new EP, ‘Rhythm & FX’ on Fort Knox Five Records and the results are all massive dancefloor killers like we’ve come to expect in the past. Speaking of the past, check out this link to download a classic AGFA from 2002, recently being promoted to hype their brand new web site. AGFA will be on tour in March to support the release. Check the dates after the jump.
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The Black Seeds – Dust and Dirt (album and tour)

New Zealands live dub ambassadors The Black Seeds have a new record coming out next month on Easy Star Records and will be embarking on a world wide tour in support.
Check their website for dates and look for the new album, Dust and Dirt to drop the first week of April.