Chicha Libre – New album ‘Canibalismo’

Chicha Libre have an irresistible sound, taking as their starting point the sounds of psychedelic Peruvian Chicha, itself a hybrid of Surf Rock, Latin Rhythms and Andean flavor. Their new record’s title hints at the bands feeling to be able to chew up any style they come across. Chicha Libre instigator Olivier Conan says “We’re part of a worldwide movement of people who have that kind of freedom. We don’t just play chicha. We can do whatever we want and absorb anything we like. We’re cannibals.” Mmmm hungry yet? “The tropicalist movement and its idea of cannibalism is not some gentle global all-inclusive way of making new music,” Conan states, using de Andrade’s metaphor to describe Chicha Libre’s own experience. “It’s more about blurring the line between exploitation, acculturation, and genuine discovery. There are, after all, sinister aspects to cannibalism.”
Look for ‘Canibalismo’ to come out May 8th on Crammed & Barbes Records.


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